Is Your Roof Ready for Solar Panels?

picture of damaged roof after solar panel installation
This roof was damaged during solar panel installation. Damage could have been minimized with one application of Roof Maxx.

COnsidering Solar? Make Sure your roof is ready!

Going green with solar panels? You’ve made a great choice! As a sustainable eco-forward company, we support solar and regularly work with solar customers and companies before solar installation. 

As you can imagine, solar panel installation can be tough on a roof: foot traffic, nails and screws, plus the weight of the panels themselves can take a toll on an aging roof. Make sure your roof is READY before you invest in solar panels.

Most solar companies charge a fee – sometimes thousands of dollars – if you need the panels removed for roof repair or replacement. This fee often overshadows any electricity savings. Protect your solar investment today by ensuring your roof will last decades after solar installation! 

Before moving forward with solar panels, have your roof inspected to assess its condition. We can perform repairs to get your roof in tip-top shape and if your roof qualifies, apply Roof Maxx® to extend the life of your roof.

Schedule a free roof assessment so we can let you know what shape your roof is in for solar panels!


If you're considering investing in solar panels, make sure your roof is ready! This roof was damaged by foot traffic during solar panel installation and will likely need to be replaced prematurely.

By investing in Roof Maxx BEFORE installation, you extend the life of your roof and postpone the expense of removing and reinstalling solar panels when a roof replacement is needed.


Homeowners had to spend $9,000 two years after their solar panels were installed to have them removed, stored, and reinstalled because they needed a completely new roof. This cost is on top of the cost of a full roof replacement!

Before having solar panels installed, contact us for a roof assessment so you can protect your solar panel investment. We can perform repairs and extend the life of your existing asphalt roof with Roof Maxx®.

With just one application, your roof is guaranteed to last for five years and with repeat treatments every five years, you can stretch the life of your existing roof for 15 years!


If you've already gone solar, not to worry! We can still help extend the life of your roof with Roof Maxx. We can spray the all natural bio-oil around the solar panels to rejuvenate the asphalt shingles of your roof.

Not only will the treatment be more affordable (there's less roof to treat!), the long-term benefit is much higher due to the rising costs of a full roof replacement.

Imagine if you could get 5, 10, or even 15+ more years out of your existing roof? We can make that possible with Roof Maxx. Schedule an assessment today to see if your roof qualifies.

Roof Maxx 5-Year Flexibility Warranty

Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC, proudly warrants that the asphalt shingles treated with Roof Maxx will perform as originally designed and warranted by the shingle manufacturer for a period of at least five (5) years from the date of your treatment.The Roof Maxx Warranty is still valid even if your manufacturer’s warranty is (or becomes) void due to time or transfer restrictions. This is not a warranty against leaks from faulty installation or other damage sustained by the roof (hail, high winds). However, if under normal operating & weather conditions the treated shingles lose their proper operating flexibility, granular adhesion characteristics, or structural integrity or performance, your Certified Roof Maxx Dealer will retreat all affected areas on a simple prorated basis (over 60-month warranty period). To file a claim, please contact Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC at 1-800-700-7325