5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season

5 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season

rain coming off of a roof

The summer season brings along with it barbeques, pool days, and fun in the sun! However, it also brings along the threat of severe weather conditions. Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th; and we are heading into peak storm season, which normally occurs around mid-August.

Although hurricanes are not really a threat here in the Mechanicsburg and central Pennsylvania region, strong tropical storms and summer storms can still lead to significant damage to an asphalt roof. Do you know if your roof can “weather the storm?”

Here are some tips to get your roof storm ready this summer:

Tip #1: Schedule a Roof Assessment

Your roof is the first line of defense against harsh weather elements. Prioritize scheduling a roof inspection this time of year. A thorough inspection can reveal underlying damage, such as leaks, cracks, or worn-out shingles – all issues that could get worse in a storm.

Tip #2: Address Repairs

Have minor repairs you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to address them. Make sure that your shingles are in good condition and not missing, your flashing is properly attached, and there are no leaks. If you repair any issues now, you will be more prepared for any possible damage caused during a storm. Remember – the cost of minor repairs is significantly less than having to address a larger issue after a huge storm.

Tip #3: Trim Trees

If there are any trees or branches overhanging your roof, it’s important to trim them. During storms, strong winds can cause them to break and fall onto your roof, causing severe damage. Take measures to eliminate the risk by removing any hazardous trees or branches properly.

In general, trees should be trimmed back at least 6 feet from the roofline. This maintenance can prevent costly damage and even minimize the risk of accidents.

Tip #4: Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts play a critical role in draining rainwater and other debris off your roof. They act as essential pathways to ensure your roof gets rid of water as soon as possible. Before peak storm season arrives, clear your gutters and downspouts of any debris, such as leaves or twigs, and ensure they are functioning correctly.

Tip #5: Secure Loose Items

Storm already on the way? Before a storm hits, take the necessary precautions to secure any loose items around your property. Things like patio furniture, grills, potted plants, or gardening tools can become dangerous projectiles during high wind gusts. If possible, store items in your garage or even indoors to protect your home.

Safety tip: while it’s safe to store your gas grill in the garage, NEVER use it in the garage or underneath any type of roof structure or overhang.

Get Storm Ready with Roof Maxx Mechanicsburg

Unsure if your roof will withstand a tropical storm this season? Contact us for a free roof assessment! We will honestly and transparently let you know what your roof may need to withstand strong storms this summer!

Did you already get a roof inspection from another contractor and they’ve recommended a full roof replacement? Most roofing contractors will recommend a full roof replacement just because minor repairs are needed. If this sounds familiar to you, contact us for a second opinion. Most roofers don’t do roof repairs, but we do!