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Save money,
save the environment,
and save your roof

The weather here in Central Pennsylvania can be tough on residential and commercial asphalt roofs!

If your asphalt roof has seen better days and it may be time for a roof replacement, you need to call us first!

We use a revolutionary, award-winning technology that allows millions of micro-beads of all-natural oil to penetrate your old brittle roof. This process restores your roof’s flexibility and waterproofing protection preserving the life of your roof.

Treatments come with a five-year transferrable warranty. Repeating treatments every five years can extend your roof’s life by up to fifteen years.

Schedule your free consultation today and see if we can help you save money and save your roof!

DJ Lehr with Roof Maxx

Meet DJ Lehr, Owner

DJ was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania and attended Bermudian Springs High School.  DJ grew up working in residential construction with his father where he learned the value of hard work and incredible customer service.  After getting engineering degrees from both Elizabethtown College and University of Delaware, he worked in Civil Engineering for 12 years.  He decided to return to the trades with Roof Maxx to be more active and involved in his local community helping homeowners.

DJ is married to his wife Nicole, whom he met on the Track and Field team at Elizabethtown College.  They have 2 daughters, Peyton and Palmer who attend Dillsburg Elementary School.

In his free time, DJ loves to golf, watch his kids play sports, and spend time with his family on the Chesapeake Bay boating and crabbing.